Colin Harris

Colin Harris Actor/Writer & Producer.
Acting credits include Damned United, Short Films I Love Luci, The Last Supper

Lochness Film Festival - The Last Supper

29 July 2017
'The Last Supper' written, produced, and starring Colin Harris, won the Nessie award for best Comedy 2017 chosen by Moviescramble,

"Awards are so much more than a superficial pat on the back...they're vindication/validation for hard work given to you by your peers. I'd like to dedicate this to my beautiful daughters who inspire me to carry on creating projects they inspire me to do and thank my best friend Ingrid for believing in me....and making me believe in myself again.

27 April 2010
'I Love Luci' written & Directed by Colin Kennedy
 "For just as the main protagonist (wonderfully played throughout in top notch and lovely wistful fashion by Colin Harris, bravo!) prays in his faith, so too is this film about a leap of faith..."

Colin Harris effectively brings out the depth of the character.
— View from the stalls March 2009: The Pillowman

26 February 2009
'The Damned United'  Directed by Tom Hooper
 "It is a kind of fairy story - my first job is with these amazing people. It has been a bit of a whirlwind eight months."

Colin Harris - Writer/ Actor/ Producer